McCloud Alumni Association
McCloud Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1173
McCloud, CA 96057

Get Involved! 

As a member of the McCloud Alumni Association, there are 
so many ways in which you can help out both in your 
community and with the association as well. 

As you may imagine, the planning and execution of our 
events requires the involvement of many people working 
in various capacities. We are always looking for willing 
volunteers to help at our events. Head over to the Events page 
to learn more about these fun and fulfilling association-
sponsored activities. If you would like to help us, please 
contact us at

Maintaining an updated list of alumni addresses is one of the 
most difficult aspects of running an alumni organization. We 
currently have over 1,000 addresses and continue to receive 
more every year.  You can help by providing us with your up-­
to-date  address, as well as the addresses of any of your 
friends who would be interested in hearing from us. Please 
be sure to keep us posted about all address changes.  

We are currently renovating our database by adding 
addresses that were not previously on our list, as well as 
adding several new input fields to expand the information 
provided by our contact lists. If you are interested in helping 
us with this project please email us.  

The reunion is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. We would greatly appreciate if you would volunteer to help in one of the following areas:  

  • Set up at Squaw Valley Riding Club for Friday Night Social. Diane and Peter Tolosano are coordinating this event, they will get in touch with you
  • Stringing lights at the Park (on Thursday or Friday)
  • Setting up tables and chairs at the Park (Saturday Morning)
  • Decorating Tables at the Park (Saturday Morning)
  • Setting up Main Street for Car Show (a few tasks early Friday evening and again early Saturday morning)
  • Helping at car show, morning registration, selling raffle tickets, 9 to 3, take a shift)
  • Help take down on main street 3:30 to 4:30)

  • Selling T-shirts at the Car Show (Saturday 9 – 3) (take a 1 to 2hr shift)
  • Selling T-shirts at the reunion (Saturday 3-10) (take a 1 hr shift)

Sunday morning at the Park:  
  • General Clean up
  • Take down tables and chairs at 11:00

Many hands will make the work effort very easy. 
Please volunteer to help with one of these tasks. Email us with your contact information and area of interest, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.