McCloud Alumni Association
McCloud Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1173
McCloud, CA 96057

From The Board
Supporting the Community in 2018
The mission of the McCloud Alumni Association is to support the McCloud community and we were able to do that again in 2018. The following donations were made:
- McCloud Elementary School; $500 for Chrome books
- McCloud High School; $3,000 for basketball/sports programs
- McCloud Food Pantry; $500
- Mercy Van Transportation; $1,000

2018 donations totaled $5,000 for the year. 

New Community Bulletin Board
The alumni have also made available to the community a bulletin board. This board was previously used as a business directory in downtown McCloud. The Alumni were given permission to take use of the board and move it to its new location between the museum and the post office. The enhancements and installation were funded by the alumni. The boards are glass enclosed and the posted information will be managed by local alumni. Take a look at the photo below and when you are in town drive by and take a look!